Brian Combs, MA, LMHC

Brian began his interest in the workings of the mind by reading his mother's psychology text books when he was in third grade.  He began reading about hypnosis while still in junior high school.  When he was in high school he volunteered to work with patients in the State Hospital in Pennsylvania.  In college he helped start and run a crisis phone line.  And of course majored in psychology.

Brian served in the Army as a social work specialist.  He worked with active duty service members and their families in both mental health and addictions.  After his honorable discharge he earned his BSc degree in Psychology from the University of Victoria.  He set up and operated a small counseling center that offered drug and alcohol counseling to teens and their families. 

Looking for a change, Brian went to Antarctica as a diesel generator mechanic and then served in the Navy as an electronics technician.  While in the Navy he became a certified chemical dependency counselor and began working on his Master's Degree.  He completed his Masters Degree in Psychology through Vermont College.  His focus was in counseling and thanatology (end of lie issues).  Brian began working with children after he graduated.  He went on to be the clinical supervisor of that program for four years before he resigned from that program to spend more time with his daughters that he and his wife of 33 years adopted from China. 

Brian began doing adoption homestudies and post placement reports as a direct outgrowth of his own adoption experience.  He has also gone on to work with military children and families giving them support to deal  with the stresses of long and frequent deployment.

Brian enjoys riding and showing horses with his daughters.  When time and money permit he enjoys skiing, scuba diving, and woodworking.

LIcensed Mental Health Counselor
Washington State LH5055

Certified Children's Mental Health Specialist

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Master of Arts Degree in Psychology
Providing Consulting, Therapy, and Adoption Services

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