Brian Combs, MA, LMHC

Consultation and Therapy Fees

Consultation with outside persons is based on my hourly charge.  This would include teachers, doctors, and others.  It will be charged at 30 minute segments.

*Parenting reports are often complicated.  Therefore, there is no set fee for them.  The base fee is $1500 and includes the first 10 hours of work on your individual report.  Should there be more investigative work it will be prorated at $150 per hour.  The writing of the report for the court  after the first 10 hours will be at $50 per hour.  Court appearances are charged based on a half day or full day  at $800 per day.
Consultation by video, phone or IM
E-mail sessions prorated at 30 minutes
In office sessions (coming soon)
Reports (based on hourly increments)
$50 per hour
Parenting Reports (see below)*
Go to the Contact Me page to schedule an appointment or to pay for a session
Providing Consulting, Therapy, and Adoption Services

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