Brian Combs, MA, LMHC

Counseling Services

Welcome to my office. 
You most likely found your way here because you were looking for
something different in counseling; an easier way to fit counseling into
your busy schedule, greater privacy, the opportunity to do deeper work
over a longer time, or perhaps more anonymity.  The paperwork and one
size fits all approach to counseling feels wrong: to you and to me.

After watching the good that my father a skilled pastor did I wanted to
became a counselor to make a difference in people’s lives.   I worked in
the steel mills, have been a surveyor's helper, been a nursing assistant in
a rural hospital, an electronics technician, photography consultant, and
diesel generator mechanic at various times of my life.  I have worked and
traveled in Asia, Europe, Alaska, and the Antarctic.  Experience has given
me a broad perspective of life.  When not working I enjoy time with my
family and riding my horse in dressage and combined training events.

I certified as a substance abuse counselor in the Army and in the Navy.  I
was part of pioneering a successful weight loss program for service
members who were being discharged for obesity.  I worked with youth in a
program that kept kids with severe emotional issues out of the hospital. I
was the clinical supervisor of that program until my wife and I adopted our
daughters and I went into private practice to have more time with them.  I
have been an adoption professional for over 16 years in domestic and
international adoptions.  I have worked with individuals and families living
with HIV/AIDS and have supported the LGBT community.  I extended
adoption support to Expats throughout the world.  I am a Military and
Family Life Consultant supporting our military families.

My experience includes:
· abuse survivors
· anxiety
· gender and identity issues
· end of life issues
· adoption concerns
· chronic pain and illness
· substance abuse and relapse
· multiple personality issues
· parenting
· culture issues
· Infertility
· military life
· expat issues 

My approach is an eclectic offering of client centered counseling,
feedback, insight, advice, and supportive encouragement (cheering you
on) but grows out of a foundation in psychodynamics and humanistic
psychology.  We will work together starting where you are today and seek
specific solutions that you can implement in your life right away.  If you
desire deeper therapy to identify patterns that you would like to change or
nurture we can do that as well. 

I am also available to do parenting reports for the court in Washington

We can work together through emails, chat, phone or video.

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Providing Consulting, Therapy, and Adoption Services

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